Web applications about chemical physics

I finally start the pychemapps sever ! (thank you Joris Caravati)

pychemapps landing page

This server is provided by the University of Pau and Pays Adour and will host web applications about chemistry, physics and physical-chemistry. At the moment, the applications mainly rely on two technologies which are Django and Plotly/Dash.

Plotly/Dash is a Python Framework for building web applications. It relies on Flask, to serve the application, React.js for the interactivity and Plotly to produce plots. Dash is really simple to implement and is an efficient way to draw a quick web interface around a python module and distribute the application to users which are not developers.

For the development of more specific applications about chemistry, physical-chemistry and/or biology there are two dash modules that provide specific components.

  • dash-bio: is related to biology and chemistry. It provides high-level charts or diagrams and 3D visualization tools.
  • dash-daq: provides a set of controls to manage the interactivity of your application (thermometer, gauge, button …).

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